Small Engine Repair

SCED Code: 20110
Virginia Extended Description: 36
Suggested Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Duration: 36 Weeks
Hours: 140
Credits: 1
Prerequisite: None
OSHA Compliance Required?: Yes
Non-Traditional?: F

This course offers an intensive study of the operation, maintenance, and repair of small gasoline engines. Instructional topics include principles of operation of internal combustion engines, repair and service procedures, and disassembly and reassembly. Instruction may also include the operation of two-cycle and four-cycle engines commonly found on lawn mowers, garden tractors, snow blowers, rotary tillers, chainsaws, and other equipment. Contextual instruction and student participation in co-curricular career and technical student organization (CTSO) activities will develop leadership, interpersonal, and career skills. High-quality work-based learning (HQWBL) will provide experiential learning opportunities related to students' career goals and/or interests, integrated with instruction, and performed in partnership with local businesses and organizations.


Competencies within this course ensure compliance with the National FFA Organization's Federal Charter Amendments Act (Public Law 116-7). Through this legislation, students are provided opportunities for leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.

Class Size Regulation

The Virginia Administrative Code regulates the class size for this course. For additional information, see 8VAC20-120-150, "Maximum class size," or contact the Virginia Department of Education Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education at

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Career Clusters

Pathway Occupation
Natural Resources Systems
  • Logging Equipment Operators
  • Fish and Game Wardens
  • Fallers
Plant Systems
  • Soil and Plant Scientists
  • Pesticide Handlers, Sprayers, and Applicators, Vegetation
Power, Structural, & Technical Systems
  • Agricultural Engineers
  • Agricultural Equipment Operators
  • Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers
  • Farm Equipment Mechanics and Service Technicians

Pathway Occupation
  • Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers
  • Maintenance and Repair Workers, General

Pathway Occupation
  • Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education

Pathway Occupation
Maintenance, Installation, & Repair
  • Electric Motor, Power Tool, and Related Repairers
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanics
  • Maintenance Workers, Machinery
  • Coin, Vending, and Amusement Machine Servicers and Repairers
  • Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Workers, All Other
  • Engine and Other Machine Assemblers
  • Structural Metal Fabricators and Fitters
  • Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers

Pathway Occupation
Engineering & Technology
  • Agricultural Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologists and Technicians
  • Electro-Mechanical and Mechatronics Technologists and Technicians
  • Engineers, All Other
  • Marine Engineers and Naval Architects
  • Materials Engineers
  • Mechanical Drafters
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians
  • Technical Writers

Pathway Occupation
Facility & Mobile Equipment Maintenance
  • Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics
  • Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists
  • Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Except Engines
  • Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians
  • Recreational Vehicle Service Technicians
  • Tire Repairers and Changers

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