Virginia Tech Offers Summer Curriculum Development Course

The Career and Technical Education program in the Virginia Tech School of Education (SOE) is excited to announce Curriculum Development in CTE will be offered during Summer II. Both an undergraduate and graduate section are available for registration. Curriculum Development in CTE may fulfill VDOE endorsement requirements for Curriculum and Instructional Practices, Classroom Management, and Foundations of Education. Enrollment is open for degree and non-degree seeking students.

Classes will be held on the Blacksburg Virginia Tech campus from July 7, 2022, through July 29, 2022 (M-F, 9-11:50a.m.). Contact the program if you are interested in taking this course but cannot join on campus. There is an opportunity to attend the class synchronously through Zoom. Asynchronous participation for this course is not available.

Virginia teachers may receive a 25% tuition discount. For more information, refer to Teacher Tuition Discount

More information on the course is provided below.

Please contact Dr. Natalie Ferand,, with any questions or concerns. Find out more about the CTE program in the SOE on our website. 

Course Information

Undergraduate section: EDCI 4724 – Secondary School Teaching Methods I (CRN 64880)

Graduate section: EDCT 5614 – Curriculum Development in CTE (CRN 64387)

Course Description

Provides current and prospective career and technical education teachers with research bases, resources, and available curricula for teaching content in their respective fields. Develops the ability to plan, manage, develop, and evaluate curricula. 

Course Objectives
  1. Describe how the secondary school curriculum is designed and how career and technical (CTE) programs and curriculum fit within that design. Discuss CTE contemporary curriculum offerings in the secondary schools.
  2. Discuss the expectations of beginning career and technical education teachers.
  3. Use both paper and electronic resources to research and design career and technical curriculum. Describe the process by which career and technical curriculum is designed to include needs assessment information to assist in determining curriculum content.
  4. Describe the Virginia Standards of Learning and the implications for the career and technical curriculum. Incorporate the Standards of Learning (SOL) into the career and technical curriculum.
  5. Use advisory committees in curriculum development and to determine industry standards and expectations.
  6. Select, adapt, use, and evaluate available curriculum materials and instructional aids and other resources for instruction.
  7. Incorporate technology into the curriculum and use technology in developing curriculum.
  8. Sequence curriculum in a logical sequence as the competencies would be performed in the work environment so that contextual learning may take place. Develop an electronic calendar of instruction for one grading period.
  9. Develop long and short-range curriculum goals and course objectives.
  10. Develop performance objectives to address the Domains of Learning.
  11. Develop a unit of instruction.
  12. Develop lesson plans that incorporate the Standards of Learning (application of academic subjects in the workplace) and provide for contextual learning.
  13. Develop and use a system for the management of curriculum.
  14. Incorporate career and technical student organization (CTSO) activities as an integral part of the curriculum.
  15. Evaluate curriculum.


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