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Lesson 1: Students make personal connections with the lifelong-learning skill before naming the concept and summarizing the task statement in their own words.

Lesson 2: Students participate in a “close reading” of the task statement and definition to ensure they understand the skill (and related vocabulary) in the context of the workplace and will be prepared to encounter related questions on the WRS Assessment.

Lesson 3: Students consider lifelong learning strategies both generally and in the context of the course and/or relevant career cluster(s). Two activities encourage students to actively engage in the content and in learning from, and teaching, each other.

Lesson 4: Students identify ways they can provide evidence of lifelong-learning skills (i.e., how they will ensure that employers, current or potential, know that they value and apply such skills). Students are then asked to evaluate why lifelong-learning skills are important in the workplace.

Use these Quizlet tools to help students understand terms related to this Workplace Readiness Skill.

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