The Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth instructional resources provide you with an efficient, adaptable set of resources to introduce and/or reinforce student understanding of one of Virginia’s Workplace Readiness Skills. While it is encouraged and expected that instruction in all of the workplace readiness skills will be integrated throughout your course, it is acknowledged that students could also benefit from more explicit instruction, particularly in certain skills.

There are several ways to use the lessons.

Choose one week (or a series of five class sessions) to focus on the skill. Teach one lesson each day, with the final day reserved for assessment. The lessons can be kept brief (around 30 minutes each day), or they be expanded to create longer lessons, depending on your time constraints and the needs of your students.

If you are on a block schedule or have a long class period, the lessons can be “stacked” and taught back-to-back in two or three classes. Assessment can take place the following class or as a homework assignment.

Individual lessons can be used to supplement your own unit, review something you have already taught, or reinforce an identified weak area.

Whichever option works for you and your students, follow-up is not optional. Real learning is not likely to take place if the concepts and vocabulary are not continually used and reinforced throughout the course. Each lesson provides tips for taking advantage of formal and informal opportunities to reinforce knowledge and skills.

We hope that you and your students enjoy your journey through Virginia’s Workplace Readiness Skills!