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Instructional Resources

Using Aurasma, teachers and students can learn about augmented reality and create and track their own augmented reality experiences. Students can discuss potential applications and implications of this type of technology for business and marketing, education and training, government, and other sectors.


Business Insider is a free online resource that helps teachers and students keep up with topics related to business and information technology. Articles can be used to spark class discussions or in preparation for writing assignments.

"How Technology Has Changed Business" Lesson Plan

This website contains a lesson plan that helps students evaluate how technology has changed business. Students use various online resources to find, share, and comment on relevant current events articles, then create a class wiki to build collective knowledge on how information technology is used in traditional businesses, online businesses, and transportation.

Information Technology in a Global Society for the IB Diploma

This textbook covers the Information Technology in a Global Society syllabus and includes student exercises and practice examination questions. The accompanying website provides updated information about the course and assessments, as well as links to additional resources and news articles.


The Office Mix plug-in, a free download, gives users the ability to record themselves on video, capture what is happening on their desktop, and insert interactive elements, such as quizzes and live webpages, directly into PowerPoint slides. Teachers can use this technology to “flip” lessons, differentiate instruction, and make learning more interactive.

Sample Extended Essay Questions

This slide presentation provides sample extended essay questions for student use, including some questions related to Information Technology in a Global Society.


Sway, a free online tool from Microsoft, allows users to combine text, images, videos, and social media within a shareable website that can be displayed on any device. This app can be used by both teachers and students to create assignments, digital flyers, blogs, marketing materials, portfolios, and more. It is a dynamic alternative to static documents and slide presentations.