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Business Case Studies
This website gives access to numerous case studies that are rooted in scenarios from well-known companies across the globe. Lesson plan ideas and worksheets are also provided.

Business Management Lesson Plans
This website provides links to numerous lesson plans related to business management. Topics include recruiting and hiring, employee opinions, employee supervision, pricing and sales, business plan math, and forms of business ownership.

Business Ownership: The Franchise Option
This link provides a lesson plan around conducting a cost-benefit analysis to determine the financial viability of either creating or franchising a business. Detailed instructions, activities, assessment criteria, and resources are supplied.

Designing Your Personal Mission Statement

This website reinforces the functions of various types of mission statements, including personal, family, and team statements. The links guide students through the steps of drafting their own mission statements.

Entrepreneur Webquest
This website contains a lesson plan that directs students through the steps of selecting, researching, and presenting about entrepreneurs of their liking. It provides a background scenario, gives examples of entrepreneurs, lists questions to consider when researching, outlines the presentation format and content, cites resources, and supplies an assessment rubric.

International Business Etiquette, Manners, and Culture

This website offers information about and resources around business etiquette, manners, and culture in numerous countries. Topics covered include religion, appearance, behavior, and communication.

Russell Long’s IB Business and Management Website
This website was created and is maintained by Russell Long, an IB Business Management teacher. His site offers access to his electronic slideshows, notes, and activities.

Small Business Webquest
This link provides a detailed lesson plan that guides students through the process of drafting and presenting a business plan. This comprehensive lesson plan provides objectives, a handout, a template, and related resources.

This blog is updated daily with content about international current events and how they pertain to business and other curricular topics. Additional resources, links to relevant video clips, and supplemental news stories are also offered.