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Relate your skills, interests, talents, and values to a career.


Relating should include
  • thoughts on what career(s) might be a good match for you based on your goals, skills, interests, talents, and values
  • personal reasons for working.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How would a career that involves your skills and talents enhance your life?
  • What actions can you take to prepare for a career that values your skills and talents?
  • If you had to choose between the two, would it be more important to have a career that interests you or one with a high salary? Explain.
  • What are some examples of how your values might influence your career choice?
  • What disadvantages are there to basing your career choice solely on salary?
  • How might one pursue dreams/talents outside their job/career?
  • Employers are looking for workers who have initiative. What does initiative mean to you?

Related Standards of Learning

History and Social Science


The student will demonstrate personal character traits that facilitate thoughtful and effective participation in civic life by

  1. practicing trustworthiness and honesty;
  2. practicing courtesy and respect for the rights of others;
  3. practicing responsibility, accountability, and self-reliance;
  4. practicing respect for the law;
  5. practicing patriotism;
  6. practicing thoughtful decision making; and
  7. practicing service to the school and/or local community.

Other Related Standards

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