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Tint beard and mustache.


Student should

  • read manufacturer's directions for beard and mustache tint
  • place client in reclining position
  • apply protective cream
  • apply tint to mustache and beard
  • shampoo color from mustache and beard
  • remove stains from skin
  • soothe skin with lotion or cream
  • clean and sanitize work area.

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why are the manufacturer's directions important?
  • Why is the client seated in a reclining position?
  • What is the purpose of protective cream?
  • How is tint applied?
  • Why is it important to shampoo color from beard and mustache?
  • How are stains removed?
  • When is it necessary to use a soothing lotion?
  • How is the work area cleaned and sanitized?