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Identify electrical hazards and common safety procedures regarding wiring and cables.


Identification should include
  • hazards
    • electrical shock
    • equipment damage
    • safety violations
  • procedures
    • shutting off power sources before working with electricity
    • using Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-approved equipment and materials
    • wearing PPE
  • using proper tools.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are the wattages of different pieces of equipment?
  • Why would you create a poster that instructs the radio station personnel on electrical safety? How would you do it?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will investigate and understand how applications of physics affect the world. Key concepts include
  1. examples from the real world; and
  2. exploration of the roles and contributions of science and technology.


The student will investigate and understand how to diagram, construct, and analyze basic electrical circuits and explain the function of various circuit components. Key concepts include
  1. Ohm’s law;
  2. series, parallel, and combined circuits;
  3. electrical power; and
  4. alternating and direct currents.