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Project: Installing Windows XP Operating System

Duty Area

Exploring the Fundamentals of Operating Systems



1. Check system requirements.
1. Processor
2. RAM
3. ROM
4. VGA (video)
5. CD-ROM or DVD optical drive
6. Keyboard and mouse
2. Prepare computer for installation.
  • Computer must be completely assembled.
  • Power on computer and insert disk.
  • Power off computer.
3. Power on computer.
4. Begin installation processes.
5. Partition the drive.
6. Research file systems.
7. Install file system.
8. Set up GUI (Graphical User Interface).
9. Set up name and organization.
10. Install network.
11. Finish the installation.
12. Set screen resolution.
13. Complete setup.
14. Welcome to your operating system.
15. Verify Internet connection.
1. The teacher will advise as to whether to click "yes" or "no."
2. Research the pros and cons of both options.
16. Establish user accounts.
17. Success.
* The above instructions will not work for all operating systems. If these instructions are not applicable to your OS, research the appropriate installation method.