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Examine aspects of management within an industry/organization.


Examination should include
  • impact of the organization’s structure and culture on operations
  • process for accomplishing goals, using available human, natural, technology, and capital resources
  • ways of ensuring open communication channels
  • ways of enabling workers to fulfill their responsibilities
  • evaluation of workers’ performance
  • provision of training and job-growth opportunities to workers
  • assurance of worker equity, access, and safety
  • resolution of conflicts
  • performance of employment functions (e.g., recruiting, hiring, retaining, discharging).

Process/Skill Questions

  • What opportunities and/or activities can provide experience in management?
  • What are your personal characteristics, habits, and activities that would be helpful in a professional management position?

Other Related Standards

Suggested Learning Activities

Management: The Importance of Achieving Customer Satisfaction

Objective:  Explain the importance of achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction.
Materials:  Worksheets for each student:

Management: The Importance of Internal and External Customer Service

Objective: Explain the importance of internal and external customer service.
Materials: Worksheet for each student, "Internal Customer Service," and Teacher Notes