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Replace a defective light socket.


Replacement should include
  • unplugging the lamp or fixture
  • removing the bulb, shade, and harp
  • separating the socket body and shell from the cap
  • removing the terminal screws from the socket cap and removing wires
  • screwing the new cap to the lampshade and tightening the set screw
  • removing the socket from the new shell, leaving the cardboard insulation inside the shell
  • loosening the terminal screws on the socket
  • bending the loop on each wire and connecting one wire to each terminal screw
  • putting the shell and cardboard insulator over the socket and snapping the shell into the socket cap.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are the relevant safety precautions/procedures for replacing and tightening a defective light socket?
  • What factors may contribute to the development of defects in light sockets?
  • What tools and materials are required for replacing a defective light socket?