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Lubricate an electrical motor.


Lubrication should include
  • shutting off power to the motor
  • checking the manufacturer's maintenance manual for lubrication points and recommended lubricant and amounts
  • selecting the lubricants
  • checking oil wells and grease cups
  • filling the oil wells to half depth
  • filling the grease cups if less than half empty
  • screwing the grease cups down slightly, forcing grease into the bearings
  • screwing the cups back to their original positions
  • wiping the motor and motor parts clean of oil and grease
  • turning on power to the motor
  • checking performance.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are the relevant safety precautions/procedures for lubricating an electrical motor?
  • What are the characteristics of different lubricating materials?
  • What tools and materials are used for lubricating an electrical motor?