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Describe the formulas for determining speeds and feeds.


Description should include
  • the formulas and their variables
  • where to locate the speeds and feeds charts containing standard information.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How is the spindle RPM determined for a lathe with a 2-inch diameter aluminum shaft?
  • What are the inches per minute for a half-inch diameter end mill (two fluted) when cutting aluminum?
  • What is the maximum spindle speed for a 6-inch diameter, half-inch wide, 80-grit grinding wheel? How might this information be located?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will investigate and understand how to analyze and interpret data. Key concepts include
  1. a description of a physical problem is translated into a mathematical statement in order to find a solution;
  2. relationships between physical quantities are determined using the shape of a curve passing through experimentally obtained data;
  3. the slope of a linear relationship is calculated and includes appropriate units;
  4. interpolated, extrapolated, and analyzed trends are used to make predictions; and
  5. situations with vector quantities are analyzed utilizing trigonometric or graphical methods.


The student will investigate and understand how applications of physics affect the world. Key concepts include
  1. examples from the real world; and
  2. exploration of the roles and contributions of science and technology.