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Perform routine drill press operations.


Performance should include

  • setting up and operating drill presses
  • producing a part to match the process plan and blueprint specifications
  • finishing the part to the following specifications:
    • four center-drilled locations, laying out a fifth location
    • at least one hole must be a blind hole and one a through hole
    • secondary operations, including reaming, spot facing, countersinking, counterboring, and counterdrilling
    • finishes to be at least 125 micro-inches
    • holes to be square within +.005 inch; drilled diameters within +.006 inch; reamed diameters within +.001 inch.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is the correct position of a drill press vise to the driller?
  • Why is drill speed important?
  • Why should one refrain from putting a tapered shank drill bit into a drill chuck?