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Select material and wiring support systems.


Selection should include connectors, fittings, and supports for various conduit and raceway wiring systems, according to instructor’s guidelines.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is the difference between compression and set-screw fittings for raceways?
  • What are the different types of condulets?
  • What are the various types of support for conduit?
  • What is a seal-off?
  • What is Kindorf Channel System?
  • What is a Unistrut Metal Framing System?

Other Related Standards

NCCER Electrical Standards, 2011

26106-11 Device Boxes


26107-11 Hand Bending


26108-11 Raceways and Fittings


26109-11 Conductors and Cables


26111-11 Residential Electrical Services