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Participate in a production system of the chosen model.


Participation should include explaining individual roles in the system, including how each role is vital to the production system.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How would you get a particular job in a production system?
  • How does a production system work?
  • What happens if a job is not done in the system?

Related Standards of Learning

History and Social Science


The student will demonstrate skills for historical thinking, geographical analysis, economic decision making, and responsible citizenship by

  1. analyzing and interpreting evidence from primary and secondary sources, including charts, graphs, and political cartoons;
  2. analyzing how political and economic trends influence public policy, using demographic information and other data sources;
  3. analyzing information to create diagrams, tables, charts, graphs, and spreadsheets;
  4. determining the accuracy and validity of information by separating fact and opinion and recognizing bias;
  5. constructing informed, evidence-based arguments from multiple sources;
  6. determining multiple cause-and-effect relationships that impact political and economic events;
  7. taking informed action to address school, community, local, state, national, and global issues;
  8. using a decision-making model to analyze and explain the costs and benefits of a specific choice;
  9. applying civic virtue and democratic principles to make collaborative decisions; and
  10. defending conclusions orally and in writing to a wide range of audiences, using evidence from sources.

Other Related Standards

ITEEA National Standards

17. Information and Communication Technologies


19. Manufacturing Technologies


6. The Role of Society in the Development and Use of Technology


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Community Service Video


Mass Production


Promotional Marketing