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Related TSA Competitive Events

TSA Competitive Events

Technology Student Association (TSA), the co-curricular student organization for Technology Education, provides many opportunities for students to apply the knowledge, skills, and processes learned in a variety of courses. Correlations of TSA activities and competitive events to the tasks/competencies in this course appear on the task/competency pages, and an unduplicated list of these activities and competitive events appears below.

For additional information about the student organization, see the national TSA Web site at http://www.tsaweb.org and the Virginia TSA Web site at http://www.virginiatsa.org.



Career Prep


Challenging Technology Issues


Construction Challenge


Debating Technological Issues




Electrical Applications


Environmental Engineering


Essays on Technology




Geospatial Technology (Virginia only)


Inventions and Innovations


Mass Production


Medical Technology


Microcontroller Design


Prepared Speech


Problem Solving


STEM Animation


Structural Engineering


System Control Technology


Tech Bowl


Video Game Design


Website Design