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Demonstrate alternate feeding methods and techniques in a laboratory and/or clinical setting.


Demonstration should include
  • addressing client’s individual and special needs (e.g., tube feedings)
  • providing client with assistive devices (e.g., plate guard, special utensils)
  • positioning client, according to care plan
  • preparing client to receive nutrition (e.g., hand washing, dentures, clothing protectors)
  • alternating liquids and solids
  • following appropriate guidelines for feeding the self-care and the dependent client
  • recording alternate feeding methods and techniques, according to agency documentation guidelines.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What precautions must be taken when administering a tube feeding?
  • What is the procedure for assessing feeding tube location and patency prior to feeding?
  • What variations in feeding need to be implemented for the client with difficulty swallowing?
  • Why is it advisable to alternate liquids and solids?
  • What actions can you take to increase calories for the client who is not eating?
  • What is the purpose and the process of a calorie count?

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