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List strategies for promoting growth and development.


List should include
  • prenatal care
  • family resources
  • early childhood education
  • community resources
  • well-child doctor visits.

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why is prenatal care important?
  • What happens if the mother does not have access to prenatal care?
  • Why are childhood immunizations important?
  • How do emotional factors affect communication?
  • What processes are needed to establish respectful communication?
  • How is nurturing related to children’s compliance with their parents’ expectations?
  • How can parents add intellectual and social stimulation to their nurturing tasks?
  • How are the types of development (physical, intellectual, emotional, and social) interrelated?
  • How can parents make the most of their child’s playtime?
  • What activities can the parent use to develop the child’s gross-motor skills? Fine motor skills?
  • How does providing structure and setting limits for children help parents with separation anxiety, dawdling, and tantrums?

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