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Use the planning process to establish and achieve individual and group goals.


Process should include
  • defining the need for action (stating the problem)
  • stating the goal clearly and specifically, in measurable terms, with a completion date
  • developing an action plan that identifies what needs to be done, who will do it, when and where it will be done, and how it will be accomplished
  • monitoring progress toward the goal
  • evaluating the achievement
  • rewarding the achievement
  • assessing the process to determine opportunities for improvement.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What criteria should you use to evaluate the planning process?
  • What factors influence the choice of individual and group goals?
  • What are the consequences of setting goals that are not clearly stated, not measurable, or that lack a completion date?
  • What communication skills are needed to develop an action plan?
  • How can you persuade or motivate others to participate in an action plan?
  • How can implementing a planning process increase communication?
  • How can leaders motivate group members individually and collectively to collaborate on developing an action plan?
  • What leadership skills enable you to adjust planning processes according to changes within or outside of the group?
  • How can you negotiate compromise within a group as it considers its achievement of goals?
  • What are some appropriate ways to reward the achievement of individual and group goals?
  • What resources are needed to put an individual's plan into action?
  • What resources are needed to put a group's plan into action?
  • What management techniques will help you obtain necessary resources?
  • What criteria might you use to evaluate your planning process?
  • What management skills are necessary to ensure the completion of a plan of action?

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