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Distinguish between wants and needs.


Distinguishment should include
  • priorities
  • values, morals, and beliefs
  • personal ethics and behaviors
  • social standards
  • Maslow’s five levels of human needs.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are the differences between wants and needs?
  • Where do wants and needs overlap?
  • How do wants and needs impact your behavior and personal beliefs?
  • How can you appropriately communicate your wants and needs to others?
  • How can Maslow’s levels of human needs impact the way you communicate with your co-workers?
  • When might it be inappropriate to communicate your values to co-workers?
  • What are the risks of communicating your values to people with whom you work?
  • How are company values articulated?
  • Why are they shared with employees?
  • How might your values contribute to success at work?
  • Why is employee acceptance and adherence to company values important to the company's success?
  • How does a company communicate its values to its customers?
  • Why would a company do this?
  • What circumstances might make it necessary to re-evaluate a company values?
  • What can happen to wants and needs when personal circumstances change?
  • What factors contribute to the establishment of personal values?
  • How do values change over time? Why do they?
  • How can an employee’s values affect work performance?
  • When can an employee’s values or beliefs negatively influence co-workers?
  • What are some values shared by successful teams?

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