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Explain ways in which social, economic, and technological changes and trends affect work and family dynamics.


Explanation should include
  • ways in which work and family are interconnected and independent
  • trends associated with the interconnectedness of work and family
  • new products and services designed or improved in the last 10 years that relate to balancing work and family roles
  • advantages and disadvantages of having a dual-earner family.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How are today’s work and family responsibilities interconnected?
  • How has the traditional separation of work and family changed in the last 50 years?
  • How does the increase of working women affect men’s and women’s roles in the family?
  • What are the effects of the feminization of poverty (an increasing number of women in short-term, low-wage, dead-end jobs) on single-parent families? On the workplace? On society as a whole?
  • How can families and individuals address the impact of trends in the workplace?
  • What kinds of things influence a person's beliefs and attitudes about work and family responsibilities?
  • What are the effects of technological advancements on families and on society?
  • How can technological advancements have both positive and negative impacts on family roles and the workplace?
  • What leadership skills can help with managing the effects of work on family life and family life on work?
  • What leadership skills are helpful in aligning family income with long-term family goals?
  • How can decisions be made about the best way to deal with the social, economic, and technological changes?
  • How might society influence the way families manage their work and family responsibilities?

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