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Describe the relationship of family goals and principles to work goals and principles.


Description should include identifying factors that influence family decisions and career decisions examining the gender-role expectations in family and work roles comparing family goals and principles with work goals and principles comparing traditional and egalitarian beliefs regarding work and family roles of men and women predicting changes in the ways work and family roles will be managed in the future.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What factors might influence work and family goals and principles?
  • How do gender-role expectations change within the continuum from traditional to egalitarian beliefs?
  • What are the positive and negative consequences of each view?
  • Why are traditional roles being reexamined by some families?
  • What is the role of communication in managing work and family responsibilities?
  • How can individuals communicate their goals and values within their family structures and workplaces?
  • How can communication skills help a family that has trouble balancing work and family responsibilities?
  • What is the relationship between family members’ incomes and household responsibilities?
  • How might technology help the balance of work and family responsibilities?
  • How might technology hurt the balance of work and family responsibilities?
  • What management skills are essential for achieving and maintaining a balance of work and family roles?
  • How can these management skills be learned?
  • How can conflicts between work and family responsibilities be resolved?
  • What anticipated changes in the future will require employees to balance work and family differently?

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