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The lesson idea below, submitted by Virginia teachers, offer possibilities for interdisciplinary links between Family and Consumer Sciences and other courses, as well as suggestions for additional ways teachers can reinforce a variety of Standards of Learning in the CTE classroom.

Great Granny’s Will

Consumer Mathematics, Leadership Studies Seminar, Family and Consumer Sciences


Real-world application
By combining creative vision with practical skills such as the ability to use resources, a person can effect positive changes in his or her day-to-day life.

Materials needed


Evaluation of student performance

Related Academic Standards of Learning
English 9.4
Science ES.7

Handout: Great Granny’s Will

Great Granny died recently and left you, her favorite great-grandchild, $250,000. However, there is one slight “catch” to work out before you receive the money. She wants you to go through her attic and find some use for every object in it. You are not allowed to sell anything, throw it away, or donate it. You must use all the items in a way that differs from their original use. The items in the attic include those below (can be altered to meet any lesson plan).

This lesson plan came from Powhatan County Public Schools
Powhatan High School, 804/598-5710