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Examine technical and production skills required of workers within an industry/organization.


Examination should include
  • industry-related technical skills (e.g., communication, mathematics, science, technology, time-management, and creative-thinking skills)
  • industry-related production skills (specific skills used for production of goods or services)
  • industry-related interpersonal and team-player skills.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How can you, as a worker, determine the necessity to develop and/or upgrade industry-related production skills?
  • What are some consequences of using good communication skills? Of using poor communication skills?
  • What is the importance of having more than one person analyze information in order to make decisions?
  • What steps can you take to develop industry-related interpersonal and team-player skills?

Other Related Standards

Suggested Learning Activities

Technical and Production Skills: Positive Listening Experiences

Objective: Demonstrate effective listening skills while interacting with a class member.
Materials: Worksheet for each student, "A Time That Someone Really Listened to Me," and Teacher Notes

Technical and Production Skills: Resolving Conflict Situations

Objective: Recommend actions that will reduce conflict and lead to positive results.
Materials: Worksheet for each student, "Conflict Situations," and Teacher Notes

Technical and Production Skills: Teamwork

Objective: Identify the critical skills exhibited by effective team members.
Materials: Worksheet and forms for each student, "Effective Team Members," "Individual Reporting and Group Reporting,"  and Teacher Notes

Technical and Productions Skills: Style Options for Resolving Conflict

Objective: Examine style options for resolving conflict.
Materials: Worksheet for each student, "Style Options for Resolving Conflict," and Teacher Notes

Technical and Productions Skills: The Effective Use of Time

Objective: Demonstrate the ability to manage time effectively.
Materials: The following worksheets for each student, "Doing First Things First"
and "Time Management Matrix," and Teacher Notes

Give each team an extra copy of "Time Management Matrix" for recording purposes.