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Identify steps to prepare for a job interview and follow-up.


Identification should include

  • characteristics for successful interviews, such as
    • a professional appearance
    • clothing acceptable in any business interview
    • clothing appropriate for different types of jobs
    • accessories and grooming as part of the professional appearance
    • professional behavior (e.g., punctuality, courtesy, appropriate body language)
    • company research done prior to the interview
    • acceptable responses to interview questions
    • necessary documentation in hand
  • behaviors important for a successful personal interview, such as
    • arriving in a timely manner and in appropriate dress
    • offering a professional greeting and handshake
    • using appropriate language throughout the interview
    • using appropriate speech, tone, and courtesy titles
    • being prepared to answer common interview questions
    • being prepared to ask appropriate questions of the interviewer
    • bringing the interview to closure in a professional manner
    • going alone to the job interview
  • elements important in the interview follow-up, such as
    • sending a timely, professionally written thank-you letter (additional information not mentioned in the interview)
    • making phone contact within two weeks
    • filing of contact information for future reference
    • completing a self-evaluation of performance in the interview

Process/Skill Questions

  • How do dress and grooming affect first impressions?
  • What is included in preparation for an interview?
  • Why should a job applicant not bring anyone along with him/her to a job interview?
  • What constitutes acceptable conduct during an interview?
  • What should be included in the follow-up communication after an interview?
  • Why is follow-up important?
  • Why is it not acceptable to send a text in order to follow up?
  • What are examples of insightful questions to ask during an interview?
  • How can an interviewee exhibit professional courtesy?
  • How can body language make or break an interview?

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