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Identify types and uses of store fixturing.


Identification should include types (i.e., capacity fixtures, such as wall units, bins, and tables, and feature fixtures, such as waterfalls, spirals, showcases) and uses (i.e., to maximize space, to facilitate customer shopping, and to market products).

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is the difference between a capacity fixture and a feature fixture? Under what circumstances might each be used successfully?
  • What type of fixture would be appropriate for displaying a new designer dress? Why?
  • How can different types of fixtures facilitate customer shopping?
  • How can vendor-supplied fixtures differ from department to department? Why do retailers use vendor-supplied fixtures?
  • What safety issues may be involved in the use of store fixtures?
  • Where is the most valuable area of every store located? Why?
  • How does the placement of fixtures affect customer flow?
  • How often should displays be changed? Does the type and placement of the fixture affect that decision?

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