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Identify the characteristics of natural and man-made fibers.


Identification should include a general overview of characteristics such as washability, durability, sustainability, flame resistance, absorbency, warmth, and special care requirements, as well as the properties that produce these characteristics.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are examples of natural fibers? What are the characteristics of each?
  • How have man-made fibers changed the fashion industry?
  • What fiber characteristics tend to be associated with certain apparel target markets? Why?
  • What are some emerging natural and man-made fibers?
  • How have environmental concerns affected fiber choices?
  • Why are some fibers more flame resistant than others? Why are some more absorbent than others?
  • Why is shrinkage such an important factor when determining which fabrics to use?
  • How have performance fabrics crossed over to the ready-to-wear market, and for what use?
  • Why are some fibers washable, and why do others need dry cleaning?
  • Why were certain fabrics more popular during different decades?

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National MBAResearch Standards-Marketing

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