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Related DECA, Inc. Competitive Events

CTE student organization information correlates to course content. Listed below are DECA, Inc. competitive events available in Virginia that enable students to apply and practice tasks they have mastered within the Digital Marketing course. Other events may be applicable upon instructor discretion.* Refer to the Chapter Management Guide at http://vadeca.org for further details of Virginia events.

Please use this model DECA Inc. has provided to help place students in appropriate competitive events.

Performance Indicators

Get complete lists of Performance Indicators at www.deca.org.

Virginia Only Events Principles Events Individual Series Events Personal Financial Literacy Event Team Decision Making Events Business Operations Research Events Chapter Team Events Business Management and Entrepreneurship Events Marketing Representative Events Professional Selling and Consulting Events *Other events may also be relevant predicated on career interests and the synthesis of multiple tasks listed in the curriculum. Students may also opt to spend time outside of class in occupationally specific skills so that curriculum tasks may be applied to occupationally specific events.