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Prepare for an employment interview.


Preparation for an employment interview should take the following into account:
  • Performing company research (i.e., consider ways to show employer how you would fit in with the company or organization)
  • Ensuring appropriate appearance
  • Handling the introduction (e.g., firm handshake, eye contact)
  • Preparing responses to at least 10 commonly asked interview questions
  • Responding to questions, using appropriate tone and volume
  • Asking questions
  • Closing the session
  • Engaging in a mock interview

Process/Skill Questions

  • What steps should be taken in preparing for an employment interview?
  • Why are attitude and behavior important during the interview process?
  • What resources are available to assist with interview preparation?
  • What are commonly asked interview questions?
  • What are the keys to a successful interview?

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