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Demonstrate the safe use of protective clothing and equipment.


Demonstration should include the types of protective clothing and equipment (e.g., protection of the eyes, respiratory system, auditory functions, feet, hands, and body) and grooming/hygiene (e.g., precautions related to hair length; loose clothing/jewelry; greasy hands, shoes, or clothing; dirty or scratched eye protection).

Demonstration should include the correct use, the hazards, and the precautions associated with each, in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and government regulations concerning hazardous material and lab safety.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What hazards exist due to loose-fitting clothing or long hair?
  • When is it advisable to use goggles in an agricultural mechanics lab/workshop?
  • Would it ever be necessary to wear ear protection in an agricultural mechanics lab/workshop?
  • Why are steel-toed boots or shoes worn in the agricultural mechanics labs/workshops?