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Demonstrate the safe use of standard and metric hand tools.


Demonstration should include the various types of hand tools (including specialty tools, fasteners, and measuring tools) used in agricultural mechanics. Demonstration should emphasize the correct use, the hazards, the precautions, and the maintenance procedures associated with each, in accordance with manufacturers' instructions and government regulations.

Hand tools should include
  • common end wrenches
  • various socket set components
  • various wrenches
  • various screwdrivers
  • various styles of pliers
  • various hammers
  • various punches and chisels
  • specialty cutting tools (e.g., hack saw, tubing cutter, hand reamer, file)
  • specialty electrical system tools (e.g., volt/ohmmeter, dwell/tachometer, continuity light, timing light, remote starter switch)
  • battery specialty tools (e.g., cable puller, terminal and post cleaner, battery lifting or carrying strap)
  • lubrication specialty tools (e.g., transmission funnel, oil filter-removing tool, grease gun)
  • other miscellaneous specialty tools (e.g., air nozzle, C-clamp, puller set, pressure gauge, screw extractor).

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why is it important to use the proper hand tool for each job?
  • When a wrench is used, why should it always be pulled toward the body?
  • Why is it necessary to keep hand tools clean and free of grease?