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Prepare the seedbed for a lawn, pasture, or hayfield.


Preparation should include
  • using cultivation techniques
  • erosion control methods (e.g., mulch, erosion mats)
  • selecting soil amendments (e.g., peat moss, organic matter).

Process/Skill Questions

  • What mechanical practices can be used to cultivate a seedbed?
  • How can seedbed requirements be determined for a particular seed?
  • What factors determine soil-amendment selection for a particular yard or field?

Related Standards of Learning

History and Social Science


The student will demonstrate skills for historical thinking, geographical analysis, economic decision making, and responsible citizenship by

  1. synthesizing evidence from artifacts and primary and secondary sources to obtain information about the world’s countries, cities, and environments;
  2. using geographic information to determine patterns and trends to understand world regions;
  3. creating, comparing, and interpreting maps, charts, graphs, and pictures to determine characteristics of world regions;
  4. evaluating sources for accuracy, credibility, bias, and propaganda;
  5. using maps and other visual images to compare and contrast historical, cultural, economic, and political perspectives;
  6. explaining indirect cause-and-effect relationships to understand geospatial connections;
  7. analyzing multiple connections across time and place;
  8. using a decision-making model to analyze and explain the incentives for and consequences of a specific choice made;
  9. identifying the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and the ethical use of material or intellectual property; and
  10. investigating and researching to develop products orally and in writing.


The student will analyze how physical and ecological processes shape Earth’s surface by

  1. explaining regional climatic patterns and weather phenomena and their effects on people and places;
  2. describing how humans influence the environment and are influenced by it; and
  3. explaining how technology affects one's ability to modify the environment and adapt to it.