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Related NBEA Achievement Standards for Information Technology

NBEA Achievement Standards for Information Technology

NBEA (National Business Education Association) standards have been correlated to ensure that students and adults are afforded equal access to fundamental business knowledge and skills and, therefore, an equal opportunity for success in life" (National Standards for Business Education, NBEA, 2007).

Apply a variety of input technologies to maximize productivity.


Demonstrate proper safety techniques using input technologies.


Develop proper input techniques (e.g., keyboarding, 10-key touch pad, scanning, speech recognition, handtyping, digital inking, digital cameras, student response systems, and the use of a touch screen, mouse or stylus).


Identify common tasks performed by information technology workers.


Identify, analyze, and evaluate emerging communications technologies for use in organizations.


Select and apply the appropriate productivity software to complete tasks.


Select appropriate input technology to optimize performance.


Use productivity software to create documents, research topics and take notes, categorize data, and perform calculations to improve academic achievement across the curriculum.


Use the collaborative features of productivity software to accomplish organizational tasks.


Use various input technologies to enter and manipulate information appropriately.