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Related NBEA Achievement Standards for Computation

NBEA Achievement Standards for Computation

NBEA (National Business Education Association) standards have been correlated to ensure that students and adults are afforded equal access to fundamental business knowledge and skills and, therefore, an equal opportunity for success in life" (National Standards for Business Education, NBEA, 2007).

Apply basic mathematical operations to solve problems.


Calculate the total sales and the sales tax for a sales transaction.


Determine the correct mathematical processes to use for various problem situations and use formulas when appropriate.


Estimate and then calculate answers to problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Round numbers for estimation and other purposes.


Select and use appropriate tools when solving problems (e.g., paper and pencil, manipulatives, hand-held calculators, Web calculators, computer numerical keypads, spreadsheets, personal desktop assistants, and cell phones.


Solve problems involving whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percents, ratios, averages, and proportions.


Solve problems that involve percents, ratios, averages, and proportions and use appropriate conversions (e.g., decimals to percents, percents to decimals, or ratios to percents) when necessary.


Solve problems using various types of measurements.