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Related NBEA Achievement Standards for Communication

NBEA Achievement Standards for Communication

NBEA (National Business Education Association) standards have been correlated to ensure that students and adults are afforded equal access to fundamental business knowledge and skills and, therefore, an equal opportunity for success in life" (National Standards for Business Education, NBEA, 2007).

Analyze and evaluate the integrity of print and digital information.


Analyze and synthesize information from published sources for group discussions and team-building activities.


Analyze routine business problems both individually and collaboratively and respond in print and digital message form.


Apply a variety of specific proofreading techniques to identify and correct errors.


Compose digital communications such as email, text, and instant messaging.


Deliver extemporaneous and planned speeches with confidence.


Demonstrate ability to speak persuasively for a specific cause.


Discuss the preliminary steps involved in creating spoken presentations.


Edit and revise written work.


Edit business documents to improve content and effectiveness.


Evaluate media and spoken presentations analytically and critically.


Evaluate the quality and reliability of source information.


Exchange ideas in a formal/informal setting.


Express wants, needs, and feelings.


Find information on the Internet and in business databases and select appropriate materials for reports and presentations.


Identify factors affecting the readability of text.


Organize and promptly respond to digital messages such as email, text, and instant messages.


Prepare formal and informal reports using suitable format and supplementing with appropriate graphics.


Proofread business documents to ensure that they are clear, correct, concise, complete, consistent, and courteous.


Proofread documents to ensure correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


Use a variety of references and resources (both printed and digital) when writing business documents.


Use acceptable standards for grammar, punctuation, and word and number usage.


Write coherent business messages, instructions, descriptions, summaries, and reports using appropriate formats.