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Identify procedures for maintaining confidentiality of client information.


Identification should include the following information:
  • The Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the Bill of Rights provide a foundation for client confidentiality and privacy.
  • All professionals in the law industry must abide by organizational procedures and guidelines regarding client confidentiality.
  • All professionals in the law industry must abide by the Virginia State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct and the Unauthorized Practice Rules (www.vsb.org/pro-guidelines/index.php).

Related Standards of Learning

History and Social Science


The student will apply social science skills to understand the Constitution of the United States by

  1. examining the ratification debates and The Federalist;
  2. evaluating the purposes for government stated in the Preamble;
  3. examining the fundamental principles upon which the Constitution of the United States is based, including the rule of law, consent of the governed, limited government, separation of powers, and federalism;
  4. defining the structure of the national government outlined in Article I, Article II, and Article III; and
  5. analyzing and explaining the amendment process.


The student will apply social science skills to understand civil liberties and civil rights by

  1. examining the Bill of Rights, with emphasis on First Amendment freedoms;
  2. analyzing due process of law expressed in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments;
  3. explaining how the Supreme Court has applied most of the protections of the Bill of Rights to the states through a process of selective incorporation;
  4. investigating and evaluating the balance between individual liberties and the public interest; and
  5. examining how civil liberties and civil rights are protected under the law.

Other Related Standards

Common Career Technical Core


Analyze the impact of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments on the provision of legal services.


Conduct law, public safety, corrections and security work tasks in accordance with employee and employer rights, obligations and responsibilities, including occupational safety and health requirements.


Analyze the various laws, ordinances, regulations and organizational rules that apply to careers in law, public safety, corrections and security.

FBLA Competitive Events and Activities Areas

Business Law


Business Procedures


Client Service

The topic for this event changes from year to year. The annual topic may or may not correlate with this particular course. Please refer to the current Virginia FBLA State Handbook.

Word Processing


NBEA Achievement Standards for Career Development

Explain the importance of confidentiality, tolerance, and flexibility in interpersonal and group situations.