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Create an advanced website by applying accepted design principles.


Application should address such website design considerations as
  • download time readability (text layout, fonts, contrast with background)
  • ease of navigation (consistently placed navigation links, including a “Home” link)
  • page length (scrolling versus going to an additional page)
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • mobile device compatibility
  • consistent theme
  • appealing, consistent color scheme
  • purposeful, aesthetically appealing visuals
  • functional hyperlinks
  • usability
  • ease of editing content
  • accessibility
  • frames, tables, or DIV tags used to position text and graphics
  • effective use of multimedia (animation, video, audio), if present
  • styles
    • inline (within an HTML tag)
    • internal (within HTML head tags)
    • external (separate cascading style sheet)
  • validation of code.

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