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Related NBEA Achievement Standards for Marketing

NBEA Achievement Standards for Marketing

NBEA (National Business Education Association) standards have been correlated to ensure that students and adults are afforded equal access to fundamental business knowledge and skills and, therefore, an equal opportunity for success in life" (National Standards for Business Education, NBEA, 2007).

Analyze the cost benefit of different technological approaches to marketing (e.g., electronic versus print media).


Describe the factors that influence customer-business relationships (e.g., return policies, pricing, distribution, and advertising).


Describe the opportunities created by the Internet.


Determine new ways of marketing products, using emerging and evolving technologies.


Explain the importance of having a technological edge over the competition (e.g., faster to market with new products).


Explain ways companies show concern for customers.


Identify customer needs and reasons why customers return to the same business.


Identify how technology affects competition and marketing decisions.


Identify the most efficient means (e.g., cost benefit analysis) for distributing different types of products and services.


Identify ways that evolving technologies (e.g., e-commerce and wireless technologies) affect marketing strategy.