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NBEA Achievement Standards for Information Technology Correlation by Task

In this course, the following tasks/competencies reinforce the standards listed beside them. Teachers may identify additional reinforcements in locally developed instructional materials.

Task/Competency Number Task/Competency Statement Standards
87 Identify ethical considerations for accounting professionals. NBEA Achievement Standards for Information Technology: Analyze legal and ethical dilemmas within the framework of current laws and legislation (e.g., virus development, hacking, threats, phishing). ♦ Analyze various codes of ethics for computer usage. ♦ Demonstrate legal and ethical behaviors when using information technologies. ♦ Demonstrate the appropriate use of intellectual property. ♦ Discuss basic issues related to responsible use of technology and describe personal or legal consequences of inappropriate use. ♦ Discuss copyright rules and regulations (e.g., images, music, video, software). ♦ Implement organization policies and procedures dealing with legal and ethical issues. ♦ Read, interpret, and adhere to software license agreements and legal mandates (e.g., ADA, Sarbanne-Oxly). ♦ Write organization policy for the legal and ethical use of information (e.g., code of ethics).