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Differentiate between civil and criminal trial procedures.


Differentiation should include explanations of

  • criminal trial procedures—arrest, Miranda rights, bail, arraignment, grand jury, indictment, trial, and sentencing
  • civil trial procedures—pretrial hearing, jury selection, arguments and evidence, instructions to the jury, verdict, and judgment.

Related Standards of Learning

History and Social Science


The student will apply social science skills to understand the organization and powers of the state and local governments described in the Constitution of Virginia by

  1. examining the legislative, executive, and judicial branches;
  2. examining the structure and powers of local governments (county, city, and town);
  3. analyzing the relationship between state and local governments and the roles of regional authorities, governing boards, and commissions;
  4. investigating and explaining the ways individuals and groups exert influence on state and local governments; and
  5. evaluating the effectiveness of citizen efforts to influence decisions of state and local governments by examining historical or contemporary events.