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Explain the six essential elements of a contract.


Explanation should include a description of the
  • offer
  • acceptance
  • genuine assent
  • capacity
  • consideration
  • legality.

Related Standards of Learning

History and Social Science


The student will apply social science skills to understand that in a democratic republic, thoughtful and effective participation in civic life is characterized by

  1. exercising personal character traits such as trustworthiness, responsibility, and honesty;
  2. obeying the law and paying taxes;
  3. serving as a juror;
  4. participating in the political process and voting in local, state, and national elections;
  5. performing public service;
  6. keeping informed about current issues;
  7. respecting differing opinions and the rights of others;
  8. practicing personal and fiscal responsibility;
  9. demonstrating the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that foster the responsible and respectful use of digital media; and
  10. practicing patriotism.

Other Related Standards

FBLA Competitive Events and Activities Areas

Business Law


NBEA Achievement Standards for Business Law

Analyze selected contract clauses such as mandatory arbitration agreements and choice of forum clauses.

Describe the various rules applied to the interpretation of contracts.


Determine whether or not an agreement is definite enough to be enforced as a contract.


Explain the nature of a contractual relationship.

List the elements required to create a contract.