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NBEA Achievement Standards for Information Technology Correlation by Task

In this course, the following tasks/competencies reinforce the standards listed beside them. Teachers may identify additional reinforcements in locally developed instructional materials.

Task/Competency Number Task/Competency Statement Standards
67 Explain the influence of technology on employment, business operations, and global activities. NBEA Achievement Standards for Information Technology: Analyze and compare society's influence on information technology and information technology's influence on society. ♦ Analyze how developments in information technology affect the supply/demand characteristics of the job market. ♦ Assess how information technology changes the manner in which training is offered and implemented. ♦ Assess the impact of information technology in a global society. ♦ Describe how information technology affects worker-management relationships. ♦ Describe how information technology changes social mores, including approaches toward work, family, school, and other cultures. ♦ Describe how information technology creates greater interdependence among workers, organizations, and nations. ♦ Describe the impact of technology on the knowledge and skills needed for success in the workplace. ♦ Evaluate how information technology transforms business processes and relationships. ♦ Evalute the cause and effect of technological solutions on society. ♦ Examine how information technology changes the breadth and level of worker responsibilities.
68 Explain the effects of electronic commerce (ecommerce) on business and marketing. NBEA Achievement Standards for Information Technology: Analyze how human ingenuity and technology satisfy specific human needs. ♦ Explain how information technologies meet human needs and affects quality of life. ♦ Identify the impact of information technologies on the environment and society—both positive and negative (e.g., alternative fuel, disposal of information technology resources, GPS, electronic voting machines). ♦ Identify the risks of information technology to personal health and safety and privacy. ♦ Illustrate how information technology changes organization structures.