Implementation Steps

  • Key Personnel

    • Administrators—Administrators play a key leadership role by understanding the benefits of the CanDo system. Working closely with their technology department to implement and support the CanDo system, will ensure a smooth transition and training experience for everyone involved.

    • Technical support personnel—Technology Specialists, TRTs, and Lead Teachers provide critical system setup, ongoing support and maintenance and data export. This is free, open source software, but as with any new technology, it may involve a learning curve.

    • Teachers—When teachers understand that this system will make their jobs easier, not more complicated, they will be eager to learn and use the system.

  • System Software—The Linux Ubuntu operating system software can be installed on a local server, at no cost, or a hosted server, for a small monthly fee. After the operating system software and the SchoolTool-CanDo software is installed, the state-approved competencies are imported from the CTE Resource Center and instructors can begin rating competencies.

  • Application Software—The appointed site administrator will configure the application, activating a new school year and importing student, teacher, courses, resources, class data, and competency lists using the spreadsheets and templates provided on this site.

  • Browser—Teachers and administrators access the CanDo software using a Web browser installed on their computers, or from any computer with Internet access. All browsers are supported, but the best performance will be seen on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Training—Administrators have several training options available, including teacher software training that can be used for administrator-led on site training, or remote training session using a CTE Resource Center staff trainer and web conferencing software.

Step 1. Choose one or more Site Managers and/or Clerks. Site Managers have full edit and view rights in the software and can be responsible for initializing the system, setting the access rights, importing data, and confirming the software is ready for teachers. Clerks have some edit and view rights, and can manage importing data and confirming the software is ready for teachers, after the Site Manager initializes the system. Clerks can help the Site Manager handle the day-to-day issues that may arise, and should work closely with instructors and administrators using the system.

Step 2. Administrator connects with Technology personnel. Ensure that technology personnel have access to the Installation and Maintenance and Backups pages of the CanDo site. Instructions and download links needed to install, maintain, and troubleshoot the operating system and application software can be found on these pages.

Step 3. Administrator or Site Manager connects with Data Management personnel. Download and have Data Management personnel carefully review the Import Templates and the Administrative Implementation Guide. The Import Templates provide the exact data fields and formats needed to run the software. This file offers step-by-step instructions to configure the software using the Import Template spreadsheets. Retrieving the data from you student information system and confirming the accuracy of the data in the supplied templates, can be completed at the same time your technology personnel are installing the operating system and application software.

Step 4. Determine teacher training procedures and dates. Teacher training can be conducted on a demonstration application so your live database is not compromised during training. Contact Glenda Lewis for help initializing the software and for training options.