CanDo Features

  • FREE open source software—The software is provided to you at no charge. The only cost is the time it may take to learn the system.

  • Simplified competency trackingTeachers can rate an entire class on one or more competencies as soon as the competency is taught. The rating can be updated as the students become more proficient.

  • One-button reportingTeacher and administrator reports provide information by class and individual student.

  • SCR archivingTeachers can create and save individual PDF files for each student, or combine PDF files for an entire class with one easy click.

  • Simplified software setupConfiguration time is minimal with batch import of all data (i.e., students, teachers, courses, sections) using spreadsheets.

  • Demographics trackerAdministrators can capture complete demographics to satisfy state or federal requirements.

  • IEP trackingTeachers can identify and rate students based on individual education plans and maintain all student records in one system.

  • ...And many moreChoose the specific features you want to use and ignore the rest.