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International Baccalaureate Business Management (IB6135/36 weeks)

Suggested Grade Levels: 10–12 (36 weeks)

Business Management (IB 6135) is a recognized International Baccalaureate course. This course is designed to provide a rigorous and critical study of the ways in which individuals and groups interact in a dynamic business environment. It examines how business decisions are made, how these decisions make an impact on internal and external environments, and how these decisions foster international cooperation and responsible citizenship.


Industry Certifications

This course may assist the student in preparing for the following certification examinations, national assessments, or licensure examinations approved by the Virginia Board of Education:

  • College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA+)
  • National Career Readiness Certificate Assessment
  • Virtual Enterprise Certification Assessment
  • Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth Examination

Related Careers

cluster: Business Management and Administration

pathway: General Management