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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration I (8503/36 weeks, 140 hours)

Course Description

Course Code:8503
Work-based Learning:Available
Duration:36 weeks, 140 hours
Suggested Grade Levels:10–11

In this first course of the instructional program, students are taught to professionally install, repair, and maintain the operating conditions of heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Students work with piping and tubing, study the principles of heat and electricity, install duct systems, and comply with EPA regulations. Completion of the two-course sequence may prepare students for a number of certification exams, helpful for employment in a variety of HVACR occupations.

As noted in Superintendent’s Memo #058-17 (2-28-2017), this Career and Technical Education (CTE) course must maintain a maximum pupil-to-teacher ratio of 20 students to one teacher, due to safety regulations. The 2016-2018 biennial budget waiver of the teacher-to-pupil ratio staffing requirement does not apply.

Career Clusters and Pathways

For federal reporting (choose one)

  • Architecture and Construction
    • Construction
    • Design/Pre-Construction
    • Maintenance and Operations
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
    • Engineering and Technology

Available Credentials

Concentration Sequences

A combination of the course above and those below, equivalent to two 36-week courses. Students wishing to complete a specialization may take additional courses appropriate to their career pathways.

Check the course description for any course listed below, because some may have a prerequisite.