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Patient Care Technician (8303/36 weeks)

Course Description

Course Code:8303
Work-based Learning:Available
Duration:36 weeks
Suggested Grade Levels:12
Prerequisites:Nurse Aide II (8362/36 weeks, 280 hours)

Patient Care Technician, offered as an occupational course after the completion of Nurse Aide at the 12th-grade level, emphasizes the study of nursing occupations as related to the healthcare system. Students study normal growth and development, simple body structure and function, and medical terminology and are introduced to microbes and disease. Upon completion of the course, students will master skills performing ECGs, basic medical, lab and exam procedures, drawing blood, and providing basic patient care. Students will be eligible to take the National Certification exams to become a Certified Phlebotomy Technician, Certified EKG Technician, and Certified Patient Care Technician.

Career Clusters and Pathways

For federal reporting (choose one)

  • Health Science
    • Diagnostics Services
    • Therapeutic Services

Available Credentials

Concentration Sequences

A combination of the course above and those below, equivalent to two 36-week courses. Students wishing to complete a specialization may take additional courses appropriate to their career pathways.

Check the course description for any course listed below, because some may have a prerequisite.